The Cardiopulmonary Function Department of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital was founded in October 1990. After 20 years of innovation and development, under the leadership of Director Chen Qing, the Department has gradually become an indispensable department in our hospital 

Departments are gradually developing. At present, the following items have been covered: 12-lead electrocardiogram, propranolol test, atropine test, 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram detection system, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure detection system, dynamic electrocardiogram and blood pressure 2-in-1 detection system. Pulmonary function testing includes: ventilation function testing, diffusion function testing,residual gas function test, pulse concussion lung resistance test.

The equipments in our department are followed: 4 electrocardiograph:  photoelectric 9130, Marquette 1200, Fukuda 4010, Bangjian 9801. There are three dynamic electrocardiogram PI analysis systems, 51 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram recorders (including two button type dynamic electrocardiogram recorders), two ambulatory blood pressure monitoring recorders, two dynamic electrocardiogram and blood pressure 2-in-1 recorders, and two Yegger lung function instruments with IOS.

In view of the limitations of cardiopulmonary system diseases and the absence of support from the Cardiovascularology and Respiratory department in our hospital, our department is based on the comprehensive assessment of cardiopulmonary function of cancer patients in order to cooperate with the invasive and non-invasive treatment of cancer patients and reduce the incidence of injury and complications.

At present, there are 12 staff in our department, including one associate chief physician, three physician-in-charge, three supervisor nurses and four physicians. Since the establishment of the department, talents have been gradually introduced. At present, there are five graduate students with master's degree. They have been given professionally training for many times. And we also invite experts from other hospitals to give lectures, so that the diagnosis level keeps up with the pace of general hospitals and cardiovascular hospitals.

In the field of scientific research, we also get a rapid progress. In the past two years, we have published four articles about cardiopulmonary function evaluation of surgery and three high quality articles were cited by SCI with the highest IF of 5.168.

Despite of the growing number of patients year by year, all staff are encouraged to make progress and constantly improve their ability to meet the challenges of higher medical quality, diagnostic level and scientific research technology, and to escort the service of oncology treatment.

Our Team
Qing Chen M.D.