National Clinical Research Center for Cancer ( Tianjin, China)

In 2012, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of General Health jointly commenced the construction of the National Clinical Research Center, which was executed in three stages, with the aim of building a total of 32 centers. In June 2013 as the first stage, our center was established as one of the two National Clinical Research Centers in the field of cancer.

Academician Xishan Hao, the director of the Center,has established its organizational and management structure. The Center has formed a collaborative research network within two sub-centers, 20 regional centers and several grass-roots hospitals. We aim to establish a high-level research platform for oncology-transforming medicine.

Research Platform Construction: the Center has established the specifications for the construction of a tissue sample bank for the collection and management of biological samples in accordance with international standards and has formed an internationalized Steering Committee. It has accumulated more than 55,000 tissue specimens, and more than 75,000 blood and body fluid specimens. We also established cancer molecular diagnostics including biochips and next-generation sequencing, and the corresponding bioinformatics technology platforms. The platform acquired pilot unit status for the clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, which has enabled them to carry out predictions of solid tumor-targeted drug susceptibility, and risk prediction of inherited tumors such as breast cancer and thyroid cancer. The Center has published a core journal: “Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology”which has been selected as one of the TOP 50 projects of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Quality Periodicals.In 2018, our English journal “Cancer Biology & Medicine’s impact factor was 4.607, its global ranking was 55th in 222 journals of oncology and 1st in 5 SCI journals of oncology in China.