General Introduction

The Department of Pharmacy is responsible for supply of medicine for clinical and scientific research in the hospital, the dispensing of medicine, preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the service of clinical drug use and the management of pharmaceutical affairs. We also undertake the research works including pharmacy, clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical information and mechanism of drug action according to clinical application.

The Department Includes

(1) Outpatient Pharmacy and Inpatient Pharmacy:

Dispensing of drugs for outpatients and inpatients.

(2)The Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services (PIVAS):

Responsible for the preparation of antitumor drugs, clinical trial drugs and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) of 50 patient Wards in the hospital. It is equipped with 10 Horizontal Flow Clean Bench and 8 biosafety cabinets.

(3) Clinical Pharmacy: 

The main work includes prescription review, drug counseling, adverse drug reaction monitoring, management of antimicrobials, education for treating patients and participate in the ward round.

(4) Chemistry and Microbial Test Laboratory:

Perform quality test of clinical drugs including contents and microorganism.

(5) Manufacturing Laboratory:

Preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.


Faculty / Staff

Jie Zhang(张洁)

Director of Department of Pharmacy, associate chief pharmacist.

A master degree of Tianjin Medical University.

l Published more than 20 papers in Chinese core journals as the first author or corresponding author.

l Presided over and participated in the provincial, ministerial, bureau and hospital-level research projects.

l Undertook the undergraduate teaching work in the College of Pharmacy, Tianjin Medical University.


Xiaokun Song(宋晓坤)

Chief pharmacist

Undertook management and teaching of the department and participated in the hospital drug quality management and use monitoring system.

Presided over the construction of clinical pharmacist training base and professional teaching.

Published more than 40 academic papers and participated in the compilation of 2 monographs on clinical drug application.

Presided over and participated in 8 research projects.


Junqiang Qian(钱钧强)

Associate chief pharmacist

l Assisted the director to complete the various targets and tasks

l published 9 papers in Chinese core journals and 1 SCI paper.

l completed 1 school-level project as the third finalist and participated in 1 project of the Education Commission

l Has won the second prize of Tianjin science progress award.


LiuJing Wen(文柳静)

Associate chief pharmacist

Proficient in the use of anti-tumor drugs, compatibility taboos, principles of antibiotic use and related provisions for drug management, LiuJing Wen strengthens the "patient-centered" pharmacy service under the guidance of chief director. she guided more than 10 undergraduates, graduates for further study. She has also presided 3 bureau, school-level projects, published more than 10 papers as the first author and applied 1 patent. In addition, she has been awarded the Excellent Tutor in extracurricular academic science and technology competition by Tianjin Science and Technology Committee and Tianjin Bureau of Education.


Chunshuang Du(杜春双)

Associate chief pharmacist

She has been engaged in hospital pharmacy for more than 10 years. She is familiar with various aspects of hospital pharmacy, and has mastered the management, formulation, use and precautions of antitumor drugs. The main research direction is oncology pharmacology. At present, more than 10 papers have been published by the first author in the National Pharmaceutical Core Journal, presiding over and participating in several hospital-level and college-level projects.


Dong Wang(王冬)

Associate chief pharmacist

Specialty:    Pharmacological and Pharmacokinetic of antitumor drugs

Publication:   Published more than 10 academic papers

Research:   Be in charge of and complete one project supported by Tianjin health committee. Join in two projects supported by national natural science foundation of China.



The Department of Pharmacy has been committed to building a good scientific research team centered on drugs, including basic research and clinical application. The research topics include: the development of molecular targeted anti-tumor drugs, the pharmacology and metabolism of anti-tumor drugs, pharmacy and pharmacokinetics, the development of traditional Chinese medicine preparations and so on.


Clinical Service 

The department has 10 full-time clinical pharmacists in 7 specialties including oncology, infection, nutrition, pain, ICU, pediatrics and anticoagulation. The clinical services which include prescription review, drug counseling, adverse drug reaction monitoring, management of antimicrobials, education for treating patients and participate in the ward round are performed by clinical pharmacy.

Our Team
Jie Zhang M.D.
Vice Director
Xiaokun Song M.D.
Vice Director
Chen Wang