The Department of Minimally Invasive Esophageal Surgery, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospitalwas independent fromDepartment of Esophageal Cancer in 2019.Amid world rapid development of minimally invasive surgery technique, it was the first thoracic oncology department characterized by minimally invasive surgeryin China's oncology hospital.It was also the critical part of Department of Thoracic Cancer which was awarded the National Key Specialist Department of Thoracic Surgery by the ChineaseMinistry of Health. This department has 32 beds and 7 professional and technical personel, including 2 chief physicians and 3 deputy chief physicians. 5 doctors have received Ph.D. degree. The director of this department, Hongjing Jiang, owns 26 years clinical experience and isSecretary-general of Division of Esophageal Cancer, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and deputy chairman of Division of Minimally Invasive Esophageal Surgery, Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association. The department is based in Tianjin and radiates all over the country. The proportion of patients in other regions is more than 60%. The department completed almost 400 thoracic surgical procedures per year. The surgical resection rate is more than 98%. The minimally invasive surgery rate is more than 80%.

The Department of Minimally Invasive Esophageal Surgery, which possessesinternational advanceddiagnosis and treatment concepts, is characterized by minimally invasive surgerytechnique and has placed emphasis onprecise and comprehensivetreatment of esophageal, lung, and mediastinal tumors. It is proficient of all kinds of video-assisted and Da Vinci Robot-assist thoracoscopic surgery and advocated the en bloc resection and upper mediastinumlymphadenectomy, especially the left and right recurrent laryngeal lymph nodes dissection. This department paid attention tocomprehensive treatment. The survival rate of tumor patients has been obviously elevated by combining neoadjuvant, radical resection and postoperative adjuvant therapy. This department also further improved patients’ life quality, relievedpostoperative pain and reduced the incidence of complications such as pulmonary infections, anastomotic leakage by minimallyinvasive and enhanced recovery after surgery technique.

Our Team
Hongjing Jiang M.D.