General Introduction

The Second Surgical Department of Breast Cancer was established in 1998. The faculty offers the most effective options for diagnosis and treatmentincluding for complex and rare conditions.

Faculty / Staff

14 breast cancer specialists collaborate with nurses to provide the most advanced and professional care.


Our department has hosted and undertaken 4 national natural fund projects and 3 municipal science and technology commission projects in recent 5 years. The all faculty has published more than 20 SCI articles and more than 100 articles in Chinese core journals, participated in writing of several professional books. We participated in a number of large national multi-center phase III clinical trials, and completed the experimental plan with both quality and quantity guaranteed.


Clinical Service

Treatment service including operation, combined with chemotherapy, endocrinal therapy, and biological treatment is available at our department. Our surgeons have experience in breast conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy, as well as the reconstruction of breast after radical mastectomy, which is another choice provided for patients with early stage breast cancer. For patients with local advanced breast cancer, we adapted neoadjuvant therapy with multidisciplinary approaches.


Our Team
Lin Gu M.D.
Hong Liu M.D.
Vice Director