General Introduction

Department of breast imaging was established at the end of 2009. It is a professional department integrating the examination and diagnosis of X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). At present, the commonly used methods of breast imaging examination include X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI examination, among which X-ray and ultrasound are the main methods. The combination of the two methods is widely used worldwide. Because of their imaging advantages, MRI examination has become an important supplementary method of X-ray and ultrasound examination. The combination of these three methods can complement the advantages of various imaging examinations and achieve the purpose of early and accurate diagnosis. On the other hand, the integration of multimodality diagnosis also facilitates the medical treatment of breast patients, and the breast examination originally located in different departments can be completed in one department.


At present, department of breast imaging has two full-digital X-ray machines and nine ultrasound machines, which technically cover X-ray, ultrasound, MRI diagnosis, and interventional diagnosis and treatment. In addition to routine clinical work, the department also carries out image-guided diagnosis and treatment, including X-ray or ultrasound-guided localization of breast lesions, digital mammography-guided vacuum-assisted rotary biopsy, mammary ductography, and interventional treatment of breast lesions such as cyst sclerotherapy and catheter drainage puncture and drainage. The work of breast MRI examination in our hospital has been carried out earlier in China, and its technical specifications and diagnostic accuracy are high. Especially, the technology of location and biopsy of the second eye ultrasound guided by MRI has been approved by the domestic colleagues for the lesions, which are not obvious in clinical palpation, X-ray, or ultrasound. At present, the clinical work of breast imaging diagnosis is in the leading level in China, and a large number of advanced doctors come to study every year.


Faculty and Staff

There are 30 members in our team, including a total of five doctors with senior titles, ten with mid-level titles, and fourteen with primary titles. Our faculty is composed of a total of three members with MD degrees, fifteen with master’s degrees and six with bachelor's degrees. The structure of talents with high creativity and competitiveness will bring us a bright future.



In addition to clinical imaging diagnosis, department of breast imaging also undertakes scientific research and teaching work. Over years, it has been responsible for the preparation of mammary imaging chapters in clinical and imaging textbooks for undergraduate, postgraduate, and continued study courses. Recently, our team has made some noticeable progresses, including one project from National Science Foundation of China, two projects from National Science Foundation of Tianjin, eleven projects from Tianjin Municipal Education Commission.


Clinical Service

Our equipment and instrument for clinical services:

One Hologic, Selenic (Gantry), ASY-00676

One Hologic, Selenic Dimensions (Gantry)

One Hologic, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy system, Multicare platinum

Seven GE, ultrasound diagnositic instrument, Logiq E9

Three Supersonic, ultrasound diagnositic instrument

One Philips, ultrasound diagnositic instrument, Epiq 5

Our Team
Hong Lu M.D.
Vice Director
Ying Zhu M.D.
Vice Director