Patent Name: Medical Pulse Detector
Patent number: ZL 2017 3 0236630.3
Purpose: To prevent cross infection when the pulse of the patient is detected.
Innovative point: The detector includes includes a pulse pillow holding box, a box cover and a pulse pillow; the pulse pillow holding box includes a box body, which is provided with a pulse pillow holding chamber for placing the pulse pillow. One end of the box body is articulated with a box cover. The box cover adopts a groove structure. The upper end of the box cover is provided with a sterile spacer holding slot, and the sterile spacer holding slot is placed in the tank. The sterile spacer towel roll is arranged, and the receptacle groove of the sterile spacer towel is provided with an extension groove of the sterile spacer towel, and the outer side of the receptacle groove of the sterile spacer towel is installed with a buckle cover; a guide shaft is installed in the articulated end box of the box body and the box cover; a wrist placement groove is arranged on the box body, and a locking device is arranged between the end of the box cover and the box body. The exterior design involves the features of simple structure and convenient use.
Practical aspects: Eliminating cross-infection caused by skin contact between patients, neither increasing the time for diagnosis and treatment, the burden of patients, nor hindering the doctor's examination.