June 19-20,2019

Sino-German Round Table Symposium on Cancer Precision Medicine in the Era of Big Data: Tianjin 2019

May 24-26,2019

2019 Tianjin International Forum on Radiation Oncology & The M.D. Anderson Radiation Oncology/Gilbert H. Fletcher Society Annual Meeting

May 17-18,2019

2019 Sino-German International Breast Cancer Expert Summit

May 10-11,2019

The first Sino-Russia annual conference on breast tumor plastic surgery: Tianjin 2019

January 19,2019

The Annual Seminar of Tianjin Lung Cancer Center(TJLCC) of 2018

January 13,2019

Tianjin Young and Middle-aged Elite Forum on Standardized Treatment of Hepatobiliary Tumors was held in Tianjin

January 12,2019

The Fourth Pan-China Forum on Thoracic Cancer Surgery

December 26,2018

Tianjin Integrative Cancer Regional Alliance Expert Academic Roundtable on New Advances in Lung Cancer & Preparatory Meeting of the Young Expert Salon

December 15,2018

Tianjin symposium for molecular diagnosis for thyroid nodule:the present situation difficulties and the future

November 16-18,2018

The 3rd International Conference on Translational Cancer Research

November 1-3,2017

The 2nd International Conference on Cancer Precision Medicine

September 22-24,2016

The 2nd International Symposium on Cancer Translational Research

August 18-21,2016

The 10th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

November 17,2015

The 1st Joint Symposium on Cancer Research between TMUCIH and King's College

October 29-30,2015

The 1st Joint Symposium on Cancer Research with University of Nebraska Medical Center

October 21,2015

The 1st Joint Symposium on Cancer Research between TMUCIH and King's College

May 5-9,2015

2015 Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Sciences:Frontiers in Cancer Research

April 4,2014

The 9th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

November 1-2,2013

The 22nd Asia Pacific Cancer Conference

October 14,2013

The 8th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

October 23-24,2012

International Oncology Nursing Summit Forum-2012 Tianjin

October 9,2012

The 7th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

November 25-27,2011

The 6th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

October 22,2011

International Forum on Cancer Treatment & Research

October 19,2011

U.S-China Workshop on Developing Common Standards for Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research

September 16-18,2011

2011 International Symposium on Breast Cancer Prevention Research & Treatment

September 15-18,2011

The 5th KIRAMS-TMUCIH Joint Conference

October 22,2010

The 21st World Cancer Congress

August 18-21,2010

2009 advanced Breast Cancer Diagnosis Course

November 20-23,2009

2nd Global Insight Conference on Breast Caner and Lymphoma

May 8-9,2009

2nd Global Insight Conference on Breast Caner and Lymphoma

October 18-21,2008

International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Cancer

October 18-21,2007

The 4th Congress of the World Society for Breast Health

October 26-29,2006

The 4th Chinese Conference on Oncology & the 5th Cross-Strait Academic Conference on Oncology