The CRC Dept. of Tianjin Cancer Institute & Hospital is well known for its strong clinical skill and advanced technology. Our first-class domestic CRC team attracts a large number of patients coming from Tianjin and other provinces every year. More than 1,400 cases of operations were performed annually, and the number is rising year after year. In addition, colon cancer and rectal cancer radical operations accounts beyond 90% of all cases. 

Due to the high degree of specialisation, our dept. has advantages on difficult operations. For example, rectal ultra-low anterior resection helps patients retain their anuses to the maximum extent; the colorectal cancer with liver metastases synchronous or heterochronous resection, as well as maximizes the patients’ survival. 

Led by the former director Prof. Liu, our department carried out laparoscopic operations antecedently. Currently, led by Prof. Kong, we gradually develop robotic surgeries to minimize trauma and shorten patients’ hospital stay. 

Academic events are held every Tuesday morning. Among them, seminars conducted by experts from relevant internals and externals depts. (e.g. Digestive Oncology, ICU, Nutrition, Imaging and Clinic Laboratory) are immensely helpful to expand our knowledge in the interdisciplinary field. Meanwhile, they are benefit to facilitate communication and cooperation among relevant disciplines. On the other hand, reading reports give presented by young doctors encourage them to improve their reading and keep learning, but also motivate CRC dept. as a whole to continuously update its professional knowledge. 

Currently, surgical, medical and radiation therapy are becoming pillars of modern cancer therapeutics. Therefore, Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) symposiums of colorectal cancer are held every other Tuesday. Experts from Digestive Oncology, Radiology, Imaging, Endoscopy, Interventional Therapy, etc. are invited and we develop individualized treatment programs for every patient. 

New adjuvant chemotherapy greatly increased the proportion of R0 resections for colorectal cancer with liver metastases, which highly improves 5-year survival rate of these patients. And new adjuvant radio therapy can significantly increase the proportion of anal retention of progressive lower rectal cancer, which deeply enhance the quality of patients’ lives.

Our Team
Dalu Kong M.D.
Junfeng Wang M.D.
Vice Director