Nursing in TMUCIH has a long history. Over the years, nursing staff from generation to generation have insisted on helping patients with love and professional knowledge in the spirit of Nightingale. With the persistent development and innovation, nursing in our hospital becomes more and more professional and internationalized.

At present, there are more than1400 nurses in our hospital. 88.3% of whom have a bachelor degree or above, 53 nurses with a master's degree or above, 5 nurses have acted as master's tutors, more than 40 nurses have a part-time academic position at provincial or municipal level or above. We have 9 drug research nurses for Clinical Drug Research, 9 JBI Evidence-Based Nurses, more than 600 clinical certified specialist nurses.

We have focused on applying research findings into clinical practice to benefit the patients. We have completed nursing research about Quality of Life (QOL) in cancer patients in cooperation with Israel Hadassah Medical Center, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our research projects have gained 45 provincial and municipal funding awards and 11 state-level patents. We have published 600 papers in nursing core journals and so far have published five professional books. As the chairperson team of the Oncological Nursing Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, we advocate and lead the development of clinical practice guidelines for symptom management in cancer patients.

We keep opening to outside world, and have invited experts from New Zealand and other countries to give lectures on topics of patient education, evidence-based nursing, palliative care and so on for over 32 times. We also found a solid long-time collaborative relationship with many familiar cancer centers such as Showa University Hospital in Japan.

We always identify the unique gift of each nurse, and try to match it with the suit position. We also formulate a whole career development plan for various levels of nurse to insure that they can better realize their potentialities. 75 nurses have been sent to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan for training. About 100 nurses have shared their research results at different levels of conferences home and abroad. We have won the Post Training and Technical Competition of Tianjin Medical Care System campaign 3 times, and the champion award at the First Aid Skill Competition held by Tianjin Nursing Association in 2017.

Director of Nursing Department