Graduate Study

In 1984, we were approved by the academic degree committee of the State Council as the authorized point for the master's degree of tumor specialty of Tianjin Medical College. In 1996, the hospital was designated as the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University, and Professor Hao Xishan became the first doctoral supervisor of our hospital.

In 1998, TMUCIH was approved as the Oncology Doctoral Candidate Education Site and Post-graduate Station of the Tianjin Medical University by the Education Office of the State Council. Currently, TMUCIH has 53 doctoral supervisors and 122 graduate student supervisors which cover 14 master majors and 10 doctoral majors. More than 1182 graduate students and 406 doctor students graduated from TMUCIH, and 425 graduate students and 275 doctoral students are studying in the Institute.

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