In 1861, British doctor Ma Gen Ji established the London Church Hospital: the first Western medicine hospital in Tianjin which subsequently developed into TMUCIH.

In 1930, The Jihua Advanced Nursing School was established in the hospital, which was later incorporated as the Nursing School at Tianjin Medical University. It made a significant contribution to the development of the new era of nursing in China. Many talented nursing experts and educationists in modern China graduated from here.

A letter from Florence Nightingale showing her kindness and love to nurses and patients is on display in the hospital history museum, which encouraged us to take up her torch and keep moving forward. The bond between Nightingale and our hospital forms the foundation of the culture of nursing, inspiring nurses to deliver nursing with love.

In 2005, former director of the nursing department, Yongqin Jiang served as a Board Member of the ISNCC, and won the International of Nursing in Cancer Care Contribution Award.

In 2011, former director of the nursing department, Rongxiu Chen won the 43rd Nightingale Medal of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In 2015, director of the nursing department, Wanmin Qiang was nominated as the first chairman of China Anti-Cancer Association Oncological Nursing Committee.

May 29,2021,"The First Haihe-Tianjin Nursing Summit Forum and Tianjin Medical University’s 70th Anniversary Cancer Nursing Sub-forum " sponsored by the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee, Tianjin Medical University, and Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital, Convened successfully in Tianjin, the theme of this conference is "Focus on new advances in cancer prevention and treatment, spread new scientific nursing methods." Well-known experts gathered in Tianjin sharing the future development of cancer care.