With the continuous improvement of prognosis and economic level of breast cancer, breast cancer patients begin to have higher requirements on how to lead a better life. Therefore, breast reconstruction has become an important demand of breast cancer patients.

Department of Breast Oncoplastic Surgery is the first mammary tumor surgery department of breast reconstruction in cancer hospitals all around China.The department carries out all kinds of radical surgery and comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, and at the same time carries out breast reconstruction according to the needs of patients.

At present, there are 10 doctors, including 2 senior doctors, 2 deputy senior doctors and 6 junior and middle doctors. Since the establishment of our department, we have standardized the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by referring to international guidelines to carry out radical surgery, breast conserving surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and perioperative comprehensive treatment for breast cancer. The treatment level of our department is synchronized with the international level.

As one of the earliest teams to carry out immediate breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery in China, the Department has completed nearly 2000 cases of various breast reconstruction operations since Professor Zhang Xuehui carried out the first breast reconstruction operation in Tianjin in 2001. The successful implementation of breast reconstruction with free skin flaps marks the international level of breast reconstruction technology in our department. Immediate breast reconstruction allows breast cancer patients to receive standard radical breast cancer surgery and standardized treatment while avoiding the pain of breast loss. Delayed breast reconstruction allows patients who have undergone breast resection to regain perfect curve of their breast and confidence. The department truly realizes the treatment mode of biopsychosocial medicine.


1.Discipline Characteristics and New Technologies Development

Subject characteristics: To provide comprehensive treatment for breast cancer patients, which is mainly based on oncology surgery and characterized by oncology plastic surgery.

Recent development of new technologies:

(1) Breast patch combined with prosthesis breast reconstruction: it can avoid damage to donor site and effectively reduce the rate of complications after operation;

(2) ICG evaluation and detection of the blood supply of skin flaps: it can better observe and evaluate the blood supply of skin flaps, and effectively reduce the rate of complications after operation;

(3) Autologous fat transplantation: The patients' own fat can be used to repair and reconstruct the breast shape and improve the aesthetic effect after operation.


2. Development and Construction of Talents and Scientific Research

Professor Geoffery L. Robb of the plastic surgery department of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in the United States was appointed as honorary director of the Department and Professor Edward I-Fei Chang as visiting professor, which provided a convenient platform for international exchange and cooperation.

Since 2001, we have successfully hosted eleven National Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction Conference. Nearly 1,500 participants have participated in this course, which has contributed to the popularization and promotion of breast reconstruction in China.

At present, members of the Department are presiding over two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project of provincial scientific research, and presiding over or participating in a number of clinical trials.

In October 2018, Yin Jian, director of Department of Breast Oncoplastic Surgery of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital, was granted funding by Tianjin's Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation Projects of One Belt and Road to build Sino-Russian Joint Research Center for Oncoplastic Breast Surgery for breast tumor and plastic surgery. A long-term cooperative relationship has been established with the Russian National N.N.Petrov Research Institute of Oncology. On the basis of early exchanges and cooperation, the two sides intend to build a joint research center of breast cancer plastic surgery between China and Russia in three aspects: basic research, clinical trials and personnel training, so as to achieve the goal of complementary platform advantages, data resources sharing and personnel resources linkage. 

Our Team
Jian Yin M.D.