Department Introduction

The Department of Hematology of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital was founded in 2008. It is a specialty integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and clinical translational medicine. It is now the National Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Base, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Center, Doctoral and Master's Training Point of Tianjin Medical University. Hematology Department has abundant clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disease, especially hematological malignancies.

General Introduction

Our department is in the leading position in the research of stem cell transplantation and hematological malignancies in China. The diagnosis and treatment level is in line with the advanced international level. Leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome and other hematologic malignancies are the major diseases we focused  on. We combined chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and precision therapy to treat hematological malignancies, so that the survival time of patients significantly prolonged. Unill now, more than 200 cases have completed autologous stem cell transplantation. In cooperation with pediatric oncology department, more than 50 cases of pediatric solid tumors have been successfully treated by stem cell transplantation. More than 20 international and domestic multicenter clinical studies are under the way.


Faculty / Staff

There are 50 medical and nursing staff in the Department of Hematology, including 16 doctors. There are 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 master tutors, and 7 doctors with overseas study experience. The hematology ward is divided into three wards with 56 beds, including six hundred-grade laminar flow wards (transplantation chambers), 42 ordinary beds and eight beds in two wards.



In recent years, the department has hosted a number of national and provincial research projects. There are 11 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 project of the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, 2 international cooperation projects. 


Our Team
Yafei Wang M.D.
Vice Director