Intensive Care Unit (Resuscitation Room formerly) of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital was established on April 2, 2007. There are 11 medical staff: 1 chief physician, 2 deputy chief physician, 2 for doctor degree and 7 for master degree. With the development and progress of medicine, cancer is no longer an incurable disease. The methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer are changing everyday. Oncology and Intensive Care Medicine should also keep pace with the period, escorting clinical oncology, reducing non-cancer mortality, improving the quality of medical care and patients’ quality of life. In the past ten years, the Intensive Care Unit has gradually built into an excellent medical and medical care team with reasonable medical echelon, outstanding skills and rescue capabilities, and gradually developed a set of clinical treatment and nursing management standards for patients with severe cancer. The technical ability of intensive medicine is not inferior to the third-grade class-A hospital domestically, and it also has distinctive characteristics of oncology and intensive care medicine.


Intensive care unit carries routine intensive care and organ support technology, combined with the characteristics of cancer patients to carry out non-invasive, minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring and treatment, clustering strategy to prevent and control the hospital acquired infection, titration sedation therapy based on analgesia, and critical nutrition therapy for cancer. We have actively participated in the diagnosis and treatment of MDT in various clinical oncology disciplines, escorted the patients with severe cancer, passed the peri-cancer treatment period safely, improved medical quality and ensured medical safety. At the same time, as the intensive care unit of the oncology hospital, it also undertakes the work of prevention and control of nosocomial infection, rational application of antibiotics, and emergency support for public health emergencies.


At the same time, the ICU ward is constructed in accordance with relevant national standards. Each bed unit is equipped with monitoring instruments and equipment, and the ward is regionalized. There are severe rescue units, intensive care units, negative pressure isolation units, VIP units, etc. to meet the needs of different patients.


The key physicians at all levels of the departments are responsible for completing bureau-level, school-level and hospital-level subjects, leading two clinical trials and publishing dozens of articles in SCI, Chinese and core journals. Participated in two books compilation. In the past three years, our department has hosted the Academic Conference for National Oncology and Intensive Care Medicine for 3 times, and all of them have been well received by experts and participants. Wang Donghao, the leader of the department, served as Chairman-designate of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association for Oncology and Intensive Care Medicine. At the same time, the backbone of the department has served in the Chinese Medical Association for Critical Care Medicine, the Enteral Parenteral Nutrition Association, the Tianjin Medical Association, the Physician Society, and the Anti-Cancer Association.


The department constantly consolidates the professional foundation, promotes the spirit of craftsmen, and builds a professional team that can be able to take responsibility. Under the leadership of Director Wang Donghao, ICU practices “Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building”, constantly strengthens the construction of the style of work, thoroughly implements the spirit of The 19th session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and takes the protection of people's health as the goal of professional development. Three doctors and nurses in the Department were awarded “The Tianjin May 1 Labour Medal”. Two members were awarded the title of “Hao Yi Sheng” and "Hao Hu Shi" to the satisfaction of the people of Tianjin. Many nurses have achieved excellent results in Tianjin Nursing Skills Competition. The department has successively won the title of advanced grass-roots Party organizations of Tianjin Medical University, Youth Civilization, Pioneer of Teaching and Workers, Party member pioneer, Advanced Party Organization, Advanced collective with noble medical ethics, which has been awarded the title of five-star department for many years, and has won high praise and trust from hospitals, society and the people.


Our Team
Donghao Wang M.D.