Department of Lymphoma, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital and Institute, is one of the largest multidisciplinary programs for lymphoid malignancies in China.

General Introduction

The department was founded in 1978, the previous name was the Department of Chemotherapy. In 1998,  it was changed into the First Department of Internal Oncology, which was also known as the Department of Lymphoma.The center owns a professional diagnostic and therapeutic teams and is divided into four treatment groups, including indolent, aggressive, T-cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma and hodgkin's lymphoma. Moreover, it offers many novel treatment options: monoclonal antibodies, cytokine therapy, vaccine therapy, liposomal drug delivery, anti-angiogenesis, new drug screening programs as well as Management of unusual or difficult cases. Top-notch medical oncologists, radiation therapists, clinical pharmacists, advanced nurse practitioners, and research and clinic nurses together. Our research programs are designed to translate the latest discoveries into clinical applications for patients. Our team will offer all dedicated to getting you through your fight with cancer. 

Faculty / Staff

There are 20 doctors and 25 nurses in the Department of Lymphoma. Dr. Huilai Zhang is the Director of Lymphoma Department. Dr. Zhang obtained his master degree from the Tianjin Medical University in 2003, and further received his M.D. degree in 2006. Then he went to the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland as a visiting scholar in 2008, which was funded by the Swiss Government cooperation program. During this period of time, he followed Prof. Franco Cavalli for the study, who was the former President of the Union for International Cancer Control. He has been focusing this career on lymphoma research for improvement in the therapy of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma. He has published over 40 articles in famous international journals. Until now, he has been working in the Lymphoma Department for 21 years, focuses on Molecular Diagnosis and Personalized Therapy for Malignant Lymphoma.



The Department of Lymphoma has strong programs in both clinical and basic science research. Our clinical trials test new drugs and therapies and novel combinations of standard drugs, and drugs with unique mechanisms of actions.

Our translational research program is dedicated to disclosing the pathogenesis of Hodgkin's lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in several fields such as genetics and molecular science. We also focus on the studies about immune-escape and immune costimulatory to activate the human body's own immune system to fight cancer, and resistance mechanisms of new drugs.

Among current areas of investigation:

· Virus-associated lymphomas, including HBV, EBV

· Genetic landscape of indolent and aggressive lymphoma

· Immune checkpoints and immune costimulatory molecules

· Immune microenvironment

· PDX models, including DLBCL, MCL, DHL

· Potential resistance mechanisms of new drugs, including BTK inhibitors, in the process of lymphoma treatment

Clinical Service

In our Department, The patients are offered to participate in all the latest clinical trials for Lymphoma. These advancements have helped improve success rates and have made bone marrow and stem cell transplants a more viable and promising option for a growing number of patients. We provide individualized care to the patients and focus on the personal as well as the medical needs, including Nutrition, Patient education, Palliative care, and Integrative medicine. Our multidisciplinary approach to health care coordinates expertise with the most advanced technology for the best possible outcomes.

Our Team
Huilai Zhang M.D.