Hepatobiliary Oncology Department was established for specialized treatment of hepatobiliary diseases in December 2020, focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and basic research of hepatobiliary cancer. Professor Ningning Zhang was appointed as the director of this department, she has rich experience on the treatment of hepatobiliary malignant diseases. Currently, this department is in charge of several clinical trials of novel anti-tumor drugs and innovative therapy strategies, thus patients can benefit from the latest scientific achievements and the most up-to-date treatment options. 

    This department ward was equipped with 30 beds and 4 physicians, including 1 chief physician, 1 deputy chief physician and 2 physicians.

   Based on the multi-disciplinary, standardized diagnosis and treatment concept, the academic leader of this department, Professor Wei Lu, built a professional diagnosis and treatment team, commit to providing professional standardized and individualized treatment services for patients. Their team members have accumulated a wealth of experience in adjuvant therapy, neoadjuvant therapy, comprehensive therapy (chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy) and individualized therapy for hepatobiliary patients. This professional team has become a well-known team of hepatobiliary field, their anti-cancer treatment reaches leading level in China and advanced level in the world.
   In order to maximize anti-cancer treatment effect, Hepatobiliary Oncology Department attaches great importance to the individualized treatment model. They established a multidisciplinary discussion system with oncology department, radiotherapy department, imaging department and interventional department, provides personalized precision treatment and reasonable comprehensive treatment based on multidisciplinary discussion results.
Our Team
Ningning Zhang M.D., Ph.D.