General Introduction

The Department of Breast and Medical Oncology provides the most effective treatment including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and endocrine therapy. Our physicians are on the leading edge of finding even better solutions. We have experienced of precise and accurate diagnosis for breast cancer. Based on new drug and biomarker development, patients diagnosed with breast cancer need some systemic as well as personalized treatment. Through our clinical trials programming, we continue to strive to treatment of advanced breast cancer.


Faculty / Staff

Almost 18 breast cancer physicians collaborate with nurses and other healthcare professionals who specialize in breast cancer to provide you with the most advanced and compassionate care.



Our research interest extends across a wide range of topics related to basic and clinical program development. We also focus on ctDNA methylation-based epigenetic label, mechanism of bone metastasis and novel small molecule natural compound against breast cancer cells. A lot of our research is secured by public and consignment research grants. These innovations have included new drug and biomarker development as well as changes in treatment paradigms for the disease. We conducted many research programs as the primary investigator and participated in additional research programs as the co-investigator secured by competitive public research funds.


Clinical Service

Our services are designed to help you cope with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment,  and to help you take the best care of yourself beyond treatment. We have a staff of skilled, empathic integrative medicine professionals to provide these services, including psychologists, massage therapists, and nutritionists. 

Our Team
Zhongsheng Tong M.D, Ph.D