Liver Cancer Center is established in 2019, aiming to establish internationally and nationally renowned liver cancer research center with the clinical characteristic of prevention, early diagnosis and individualized MDT, establish an innovative translational system with the span and combination of scientific research, clinical research and translational medicine system for liver cancer, and build a leading and sustainable academic team through collaborating with nationally and internationally renowned experts and cultivating the talents.


Liver Cancer Center is shouldered with two major tasks: patient care and research. We have a clinical department for liver cancer diagnosis and treatment, which integrates a clinical MDT team with experts from Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Intervention Therapy Department, Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology Department, Radiation Oncology Department, Pathology Department, Ultrasound Department, Radiology Department, and Liver Transplant Center. Our clinical goal is to provide individualized, precision and comprehensive medical services for patients. In terms of research, resources are being integrated to establish a liver cancer research department, including a multi-omics platform and a translational medicine platform, which provides colleagues with best facilities and environment combing of clinical research, translational research, and basic medical research. The close collaboration between the clinical department and the research department enables us to provide patients with the best care available as we work to discover more effective strategies to prevent, diagnose, control, and treat liver cancer in the future.


We will take a comprehensive consideration of the clinical stage, pathology type, biological feature, genomic information of patients, evidence-based medicine as well as patient preference to provide individualized strategy for preventing recurrence and immuo-/target-therapy after recurrence, achieving individualized precision medicine benefited from molecular MDT. 

International Collaborations

We have established collaboration with Cordeliers Research Center, Inserm, France and Microbiome Research Centre at St George Hospital, University of New South Wales, Australia. We have Prof. Emad Munir El-Omar from University of New South Wales, Australia as our honorary professor. We also have Prof. Zhaolong Chen from Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, Prof. Kaiwen Huang from National Taiwan University Hospital, Prof. Ho-Seong Han from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, and Prof. Jessica Rossi-Zucman from Inserm, France as our guest professors. We regularly hold “International Summit on Standardized Treatment of Hepatobiliary Cancer” and invite famous scholars from all over the world to discuss the standardized treatment of liver cancer, and to promote the precise liver surgery. In the future, we will seek more international cooperation with internationally renowned institution.