Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Therapy, Tianjin

Tianjin Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and therapy was established in 2004 by the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission and the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. The laboratory is based on the Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital and disciplined in oncology which is a key construction program of the National “Double 1st-Class” Project of Tianjin Medical University.


The laboratory mainly conducts basic and applied basic research on molecular mechanisms such as the occurrence, development and treatment tolerance of common malignant tumors. Our research direction mainly includes genome surveillance and damage repair, cancer evolution and heterogeneity, cancer microenvironment, transformation and metastasis, cancer metabolism, stemness and radiochemo-resistance, etc., in order to reveal the pathogenesis and malignant nature of the tumor, and provide valuable insights, strategies and approaches for cancer study and medication, including early diagnosis, defined typing and profiling, malignancy evaluation and prognosis prediction, as well as precision treatment, etc.. A second part of activity in this laboratory is directed to cancer clinical research, based on the Tianjin National Clinical Research Center for Cancer, in which Phase I to III multi-center clinical studies for innovative drugs, as well as tumor surgical approach studies are carried out to evaluate and improve the treatment capability against cancer.