Prof. Li Bao, Ph.D.

Professor Li BAO has focused on the cancer omics research, especially single-cell sequencing and application in cancer genome and transcriptome research, and major research achievements include: 1) For the first time, explored technical feasibility of single-cell exome sequencing, and tried to illuminate intratumoral heterogeneity, including clear cell renal cell cancer, gastric cancer and colon cancer. 2) Established a single-cell sequencing method that delineate detailed intratumoral genetic landscape at the single-cell level with morphological and spatial information. 3) Established a novel and highly applicable oHSV1-hTERT-GFP-based circulating tumor cells (CTCs) detection method, which could selectively label rare human CTCs in peripheral blood using green fluorescent protein (GFP) expression and was subsequently validated by single-cell sequencing. As the first author, co-first author or co-corresponding author, she has published papers in prestigious journals, including CELL and the Journal of Clinical Investigation, with the highest citation up to more than 300 times by other researches.

Published Papers:

1. Bao L*, Qian ZY, Lyng M, Wang L, Yu Y, Wang T, Zhang XQ, Yang HM, Brunner N, Wang J, Ditzel HJ. Coexisting genomic aberrations associated with lymph node metastasis in breast cancer. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2018 Jun 1, 128(6):2310-2324. (First author, Co-corresponding author)

2. Xu X, Hou Y, Yin X, Bao L*, Tang A, Song L, Li F, Tsang S, Wu K, Wu H, He W, Zeng L, Xing M, Wu R, Jiang H, Liu X, Cao D, Guo G, Hu X, Gui Y, Li Z, Xie W, Sun X, Shi M, Cai Z, Wang B, Zhong M, Li J, Lu Z, Gu N, Zhang X, Goodman L, Bolund L, Wang J, Yang H, Kristiansen K, Dean M, Li Y, Wang J. Single-Cell Exome Sequencing Reveals Single-Nucleotide Mutation Characteristics of a Kidney Tumor. Cell, 2012 Mar 2, 148(5):886-895. (Co-first author)

3. Peng LH, Xing R, Liu DB, Bao L*, Cheng WX, Wang HY, Yu Y, Liu XF, Jiang L, Wu Y, An ZX, Liang QY, Kim RN, Shin YK, Yang HM, Wang J, Yu J, Zhang XQ, Xu X, Yang JA, Wu K, Zhu SD, Lu YY. Characterization and validation of somatic mutation spectrum to reveal heterogeneity in gastric cancer by single cell sequencing. Science Bulletin, 2018 Dec 15 online. (Co-first author)