The Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Core (CMDC) was established jointly by Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital & Institute, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center, and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2013. 

Since 2015 CMDC has been certificated as one of the 20 state-certificated high-throughput sequencing clinical labs for cancer precision medicine. In CMDC two major high-throughput genetic testing platforms well-established: Illumina/Thermal high-throughput sequencing platform and Affymetrix high- throughput microarray platform. 

The main purpose of CMDC is to provide comprehensive genetic testing and analysis for clinicians and researchers to promote rapid translation of precision medicine. Currently CMDC has generated a professional academic research team and set up a series of genetic testing with potential clinical benefits in personalized cancer prevention. 

Up to now, more than 2500 cases of clinical cancer samples have been tested in CMDC using sophisticated NGS technology, covering lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer and etc. Based on these studies, 8 self-developed customized NGS products focusing on evaluating hereditary risk, optimizing target therapy regimen, and predicting clinical relapse have been issued and translated into clinic which provided a feasible and efficient clinical work flow of high-throughput sequencing technology in cancer precision medicine.