Patent Name:Postoperative Fixation Band for Breast Cancer

Patent number:ZL 2018 2 0051499.2

Purpose:This product is intended to be used for compression fixation of thoracic wounds in breast cancer patients after operation to reduce postoperative complications and increase and decrease patients'comfort.

Innovation:Self-designed new type of breast cancer three-dimensional elastic compression chest strap is innovative in the following aspects: (1) combined with ergonomic design, the use of three-dimensional cutting method for balanced and moderate compression bandage of special chest structure after breast cancer surgery, making the whole wound adhere well; (2) Diversified size, and according to the difference of chest circumference, it can easily adjust and tighten, moderately adhere and fix; Fabrics are elastic, soft and comfortable to wear, not easy to curl, patients breathe without restriction, good heat dissipation and ventilation performance, and prevent skin allergies; (4) Easy to wear, save time and energy, reliable fixation, not easy to loosen; (5) Fixation of affected limbs to prevent shoulder joint abduction, to avoid poor healing of axillary wounds.

Innovative solutions:consult domestic and foreign literatures and summarize them. Based on this, we design a three-dimensional elastic compression chest band for breast cancer surgery. Referring to the average chest circumference of healthy women, we design the length and width of the chest band. Considering the great difference of the chest circumference among patients, we design three different dimensions, and adjust the appropriate adhesion according to the chest circumference. The above design drawings will be sent to the professional manufacturers for consultation and production. The finished products should be tried on by patients with different chest sizes (patients informed consent to participate in this study). After repeated modification and trial, the patients will complain comfortably and the medical care is satisfied to achieve the desired design purpose, and no defects of the product have been found. The effect of the product was evaluated by clinical trial.

Objective:To design and develop a three-dimensional elastic compression chest band after breast cancer surgery, which can reduce the incidence of wound bleeding, subcutaneous effusion and skin flap necrosis, shorten the time of indwelling drainage tube, reduce the time of wound dressing change, reduce dressing cost, facilitate wound healing, reduce wound pain, increase patients'comfort, shorten hospitalization time, prevent and treat limb edema, and promote healing. Early recovery of affected limb function can alleviate patients'pain and shorten the working time of doctors and nurses.