Title: The Construction and Clinical Application of Whole-process Integrated Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Nursing Model

The objective for the construction of whole-process integrated breast cancer rehabilitation nursing model was to determine the guidelines based on evidence for rehabilitation of breast cancer patients; provide support on physiological, social, psychological, health-related behavioral, and environmental fields for patients through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and return to family/society after discharge, which was guided by the concept of holistic rehabilitation, continuous and multi-dimensional management. With the implementation of discharge plans, as well as the application of rehabilitation nursing navigation and the self-management manuals at home, nurses can provide continuous nursing through the scientific, systematic and comprehensive management, as well as regular follow-up to evaluate the rehabilitation effect of breast cancer patients.

Clinical studies have confirmed that the whole-process integrated breast cancer rehabilitation nursing model can effectively improve the anxiety and fatigue of the patients, improve the upper limb function and self-image level of them, and improve the overall quality of life and the nursing service satisfaction of breast cancer patients, which is suitable for the whole-process care of breast cancer patients in China, and is worthy of clinical application.

Recognised as the Nurture Project (category B) of the National Center for Clinical Medicine of Oncology in 2014, and was successfully concluded in 2017.