Part 2: For leucopenia after chemotherapy, how should cancer patients adjust their diet? 

Recommended recipes 


Longan lotus seed porridge

Ingredients: 5 grams longan pulp, 10 grams lotus seed pulp and 100 grams rice.

Method: Take longan, lotus seed pulp and rice with porridge. The above amount is 1 day, divided into early and late two times.


Danggui mutton soup

Ingredients: Angelica 10 g, Astragalus 15 g, dangshen 10 g, mutton 250 g, onion, ginger, cooking wine, MSG to taste.


1. Wash mutton. 

2. Put angelica, Astragalus and dangshen into gauze bag and tie gauze bag mouth. 

3. Put mutton and gauze bag into aluminum pot together with onion, ginger, salt and cooking wine, and add proper amount of water. 

4. Put it on a fire and boil it, then simmer and stew until the mutton is cooked and rotten. 

5. When eating, add MSG, eat meat and drink soup.


Five red soup

Ingredients: Red-skinned peanut, brown sugar, red beans, wolfberry, jujube.

Method: Clean the pot with two cups of water and cover it with proper water. Then the pot is boiled in a pot with water. After boiling the pot, steam it for 20 minutes with low heat.

From: Department of nutrition, Tianjin Medical University cancer institute & Hospital