Part 2: How should breast cancer patients exercise? How to choose suitable sports? 

How to choose suitable sports?

Moderate exercises such as swimming, jogging, walking, cycling, gymnastics, Tai Chi, non-intense dancing and household fitness equipment are suitable for breast cancer patients. It can effectively prevent lymphedema after breast cancer surgery.

Among them, swimming requires the help of buoyancy and resistance of water, which can improve the flexibility and strength of the body, so that the whole body can be exercised, especially breaststroke. The motion range and posture of breaststroke are beneficial to the patients’ rehabilitation.

What should we pay attention to in the treatment stage?

It can moderately increase aerobic exercise, enhance cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness. We should pay attention to avoid the place with too many people to avoid infection.


The patients should keep exercise, and reduce exercise intensity. Special attention should be paid to the protection of surgical area and drainage area to avoid traction and collision.

During chemotherapy or endocrine

It is mainly to adjust the body, develop good habits and gradually increase the exercise time and intensity after the treatment cycle, especially for the patients receiving endocrine therapy. Exercise is beneficial to prevent and reduce osteoporosis.

Patients receiving radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy

It should be noted that if cardiovascular side effects occur, it is necessary to reduce exercise intensity and avoid accidents. It should be noted that patients with deep vein catheterization in the treatment process should avoid high-intensity exercise, swimming or other sports that may increase the risk of infection at the catheterization site.

In a word, exercise can effectively reduce the recurrence rate and mortality of breast cancer, and also improve the physical condition and quality of life of patients. For the choice of exercise style, patients can choose according to age, physical condition, personal interest and consult doctors if necessary.

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