As we all know that nurses play an important role in maintaining the nutritional health of cancer patients.Our hospital has established a nutrition support team to guide patients' diet during hospitalization and to improve the nutritional status of patients.


There are 30 members of the Nutrition Support team in our hospital, all from the departments that implement nutrition support, and have more than 5 years of clinical nursing work. They are interested in nutrition through the nutrition theory knowledge test organized by the nursing department.

Activities and Achievements

1 Organize nutrition specialist activities to serve as a bridge.

2 Screen the nutrition risk for the patient, communicate and discuss with the doctor in charge, provide the nutritional status, appropriate nutrition pathway, feeding plan for the patients who need nutritional support services.

3 Statistics of the number of patients with enteral and parenteral nutrition support and related complications.

4 Committed to the improvement of knowledge and skills in nutrition care, providing support and guidance to the department.

5 Actively participate in the continuous improvement of the quality of nutrition care management