A Special Group in Evidence Based Nursing Research of TCIH (hereinafter referred to as the "GENR") was established on March, 2018. Relying on the professional advantages of nursing discipline of TCIH, with the hospital’s development ideas of “clinical medical treatment as the theme, scientific research and teaching as the two wings ”, focusing on issues in the field of tumor care, the GENR continuously strengthens the nursing demonstration research and the academic exchange, to enhance the level of nursing research and academic influence of our hospital, for better serving clinical nursing practice.

The team's slogan of GENR is “Follow the roots and be pragmatic”. The team logo consists of three silhouettes, sunny graphics and words, with purple, blue and white, which express the spirit of preciseness,wisdom,cooperation and innovation.

The GENR is managed and directed by the nursing department, consists of 5 professional groups, including "nursing management", "rapid recovery", "palliative care", "hospice care" and "tumor rehabilitation". There are 27 members at present, all of them have doctor’s or master's degrees, covering all major departments.


Since its establishment,the GENR has closely focused on the overall goal of the 13th five-year development plan of the nursing department, formulated the five-year work plan, established a relatively complete scientific research group work system and management system, formulated the selection method of the star of the nursing department, and assisted in the review and selection of excellent papers.In order to continuously promote the construction of scientific research capacity,the GENR has repeatedly invited domestic and foreign experts to hold special lectures. The GENR has held "Young and middle-aged nursing paper report and scientific research training BBS" "Nursing department-level seed fund project evaluation report" and several Journal Club activities. Meanwhile, the WeChat public account of GENR was established to push excellent papers, scientific research methods and academic trends in a timely manner. At the same time, with the purpose of “Follow the roots and be pragmatic”, The GENR actively spread the high quality nursing scientific research achievements to promote the research evidence into practice, and build the nursing practice guideline on oncology---"guidelines on the management of cancer symptoms", to provide the best basis for decision-making of clinical nursing practice. 

In 2018, we achieved fruitful results in nursing research: 8 national utility model patents, 11 subjects of Tianjin Nursing Association, 109 papers published in core journals, 6 SCI articles, 1 national QC achievement, 15 QC achievements of Tianjin, "Standards for care of adult cancer pain" approved by the group standard of Chinese Nursing Association.The GENR has played an active role in promoting the construction of nursing scientific research, realizing the benign interaction between evidence-based research and nursing practice, and laying a solid foundation for further improving the ability of evidence-based nursing scientific research in our hospital. In 2017 and 2018,the nursing subject of our hospital ranks the first on the terms of scientific and technological influence among in the China's cancer hospitals ,which gives us great encouragement and confidence, and also poses greater opportunities and challenges for the development of nursing work in  the future.

In the future, the GENR will continue to maintain a good working style, inherit the spirit of TCIH, keep on pursuing excellence, and create new achievements!