Liqun Gong M.D.
Vice Director
Dr. Gong specializes in lung cancer, trachea tumor and mediastinal tumor surgery treatment. In particular, it has rich clinical experience in early differential diagnosis, intraoperative localization and minimally invasive surgical treatment of pulmonary nodules. Patients with various stages of lung cancer were given individualized treatment based on the standard diagnosis and treatment. It is capable of performing difficult thoracic surgery, such as lung cancer resection combined with partial atrial resection, thoracoscopic lobectomy and pulmonary segmentectomy, tracheal tumor resection, bronchosleeve angioplasty, pulmonary artery angioplasty, superior vena cava angioplasty, etc. He is good at thoracoscopy, mediastinoscopy and other minimally invasive surgical diagnosis and treatment techniques, with the proportion of minimally invasive surgery up to 80%. Take the lead in carrying out perioperative accelerated recovery and intercostal nerve block analgesia technology, reduce postoperative pain, reduce postoperative complications.