Wenge Xing M.D.

Dr. Xing is good at peripheral vascular arteriovenous fistula closure, blood vessels, thrombolysis and inner bracket forming, infusion chemotherapy and embolization in treating malignant tumors, and percutaneous puncture and biliary drainage stent therapy, tracheal esophageal stents, percutaneous puncture of radioactive particles implantation, percutaneous puncture vertebral body bone cement implantation and percutaneous targeted argon-helium cryoablation therapy of tumor, etc.

Social Titels:

Vice chairman of minimally invasive tumor therapy committee of Chinese anti-cancer association;
Member, middle aged and aged medical care branch, China medical care international exchange promotion association;
Member of the guiding committee of ablative therapy experts of interventional medicine branch of Chinese medical doctor association;
Deputy chairman of the interventional medicine branch of tianjin medical association
Member of vascular surgery group, surgery branch of tianjin medical association
Member of standing committee of interventional medicine professional committee of tianjin association of integrated Chinese and western medicine;
Member of expert database of medical accident technical appraisal of tianjin medical association