Hongjing Jiang M.D.

Dr. Jiang graduated from Tianjin Medical University, engaged in chest oncology for 26 years, in April 2008 he was elected as a new century talent and national education commission appointed visiting scholar training in the University of Pittsburgh medical school for one year.

Social Titels:
General secretary and member of esophageal cancer committee, Chinese anti-cancer association;
Member of esophagus disease group, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery branch, Chinese medical association;
Member of standing committee of cardiac cancer committee of China general practitioner association;
Vice chairman of esophageal cancer committee of Tianjin anti-cancer association.

Dr. Jiang specializes in operation of thoracic and laparoscopic esophageal cancer (minimally invasive resection of esophageal cancer) , which was successful and achieved good therapeutic effect. including radical surgery for lung cancer, radical surgery for esophageal cancer (two-field and three-field dissection for esophageal cancer),  cardiac cancer, thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy for lung cancer and other minimally invasive surgery